Creating your Website with Promotion in Mind

Creating your Website with Promotion in Mind
  1. Use your three, main keyword phrases in the text of your home page.

And make text links to the deeper pages using those keyword phrases and any of the other keywords or phrases you’ve made pages for.

The first page, also known as the “Home” or “Index” page, of your site should have at least 25 words of text and shouldn’t have redirects or Flash. If you want to offer Flash or Shockwave or Quicktime, allow your viewers a choice of whether to view such things or not.

No matter what kind of graphical navigation you have at the top of your pages, you should have text links at the bottom of your pages. Search engines, as well as visitors with older browsers or slower connections, will be able to follow the text links, even if they can’t follow the graphical or multimedia methods. All graphical navigation should have defining “alt” attributes.

Before Going Live

  1. For every page, create a description and keyword meta tagthat specifically applies to the material on that page.

The description tag should be about 20-25 words and should use two or three of your most important keywords phrases in sentences that would attract people to your site.

The keyword tag should contain about 15 misspellings or alternate spellings viewers might make and some synonyms that you can’t get into the text for some reason.

  1. Make sure your web site address (url) and your email address are on all company materials.

All printed matter, including business cards, stationary, advertisements need to carry this information.

Email coming out of your company needs to have signature lines with your company’s name, roughly 3 words identifying the type of company and your web site address (URL). Link your web address (URL) to your site (i.e., include the “http://” before the URL which should make it clickable in most email programs — except AOL).