How is the New Millenium Going for You so Far?

How is the New Millenium Going for You so Far?

So it’s been fifteen year in the new millenium and we have seen a lot of things go down during the years. The wonderful 2000’s, then the economic crash in 2008. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the rise of terrorism. An anti-trust investigation against Google in the US, but found to be compliant with the laws. And just a couple months ago a similar investigation in the EU, but with a different result.

I am not going to go into all details, I will mostly look at the tech world and trends that happened so fast, we can’t even believe it.

The Rise of Apple aka the Era of iPads and iPhones

The iconic leader of Apple, Steve Jobs has passed away but what a legacy he left behind. Under his guidance Apple has grown into the biggest company in the world. They have driven trends in technology and the rest of the world just followed.

That’s right, before Apple, Samsung and the now well-known tech companies didn’t have the clear direction they have today. Heck, even Android did not exist then.

Hello Cloud!

Much has happened in the hosting industry as well. With cloud¬†entering the market, it’s cheaper and more stable to run any web based service. Apple has it’s own cloud, Google and Microsoft has too. IBM is making a big bet on cloud, and every somewhat respectable Silicon Valley company has it’s own cloud.

It’s not that hard actually. With Linux builds tailored for servers and cloud hosting, it’s in reach for midsize companies as well.

Many such companies take advantage of the cloud, like iPage in the retail hosting business¬†(has nothing to do with Apple in spite of it’s name).

Better Speeds

We not only have small computers that have many times the performance of the computers we had at the time of the millernium, we have also made a leap just these last few years. I am talking about SSD-s. It’s well known that processing power increased a lot, but without SSDs, any computer would be limited by the speeds of the HDDs.

It has a big impact in a wide range of areas. In phones and tablets, it’s not a big impact since we have been using flash drives from the beginning. A battery wouldn’t be able to keep a tablet with an HDD long alive.

But putting an HDD in your laptop or desktop is a completely different expeience than an HDD. It’s also a whole other level when applied in the field of web hosting. Files are read faster, databases are read faster. Don’t forget that you SQL databases are also stored on disks.

Talking of speeds, internet speeds are soaring. My home internet speed is higher then any Fortune 500 company could afford in the 2000’s. Not bad, if you ask me.

What brings tomorrow? It’s hard to tell. But judging from the fast-pace changes in the last fifteen years, we are up for a tough ride. Let’s try to keep up with the changes! I personally would like to see some groundbraking ideas for saving our planet and curing major chronic diseases. Let’s hope some changes are coming in those areas as well.